SPEAR & JACKSON 5LPAPS Pump Action Pressure Sprayer, 5 L, Blue, 5 Litre

Spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer
The Spear and Jackson pump action pressure sprayer is a manually operated pressure sprayer with a 5 litre capacity. The translucent bottle is clearly marked with graduations in both litres and fluid ounces for accuracy when filling or mixing water based non viscous fluids within the bottle. A shoulder strap is included and a pressure release value is located on the shoulder of the bottle. The bottle also has a pictographic guide on the rear to aid the user in operating the pressure sprayer. The 1.3 m hose and 560 mm watering wand/lance allows the user to access an awkward or less reachable area and the output can be adjusted from a spray to a mist via the adjustable nozzle.

The wand/lance handle also includes a lockable trigger for continuous spraying and a water flow regulator as an additional useful feature. The wand/lance can be stored in a horizontal position when not in use by way of the storage slot in the pump handle. Spear and Jackson’s foundations were laid in 1760, since beginnings centuries of experience and enhancement have resulted in the materials and development expertise that resides within the company today and continuous enhancement is at the heart of the company’s ethos. Spear and Jackson is a world-wide brand, distributing products throughout the world. Tools are manufactured to a high quality standard and offer service and longevity; guaranteed against defects in manufacturing, subject to normal wear and tear and the provision of reasonable care and maintenance. This does not affect your statutory rights. Instructions for assembling the sprayer: 1 Ensure all the connectors are fitted tight. 2 Ensure filter in the sprayer wand is not blocked. 3 Ensure all connectors are in good condition and not cracked. 4 Check all seals are intact and not split.

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