Superstar Laceless Shoes – A NEW ERA OF ‘NO HASSLE’ LACELESS

Price: Rp 1.900.000,00


“We make a good team, my adidas and me.” Always on point, this slip-on Superstar shoe is back like never before. Follow in the footsteps of ’80s hip hop royalty and do the New York b-boy look entirely your way. However that plays out – chic blazer suits, scruffy jeans and tee – you’ll make it look easy in this cool, casual remake. Ahead of the 2020 All-Star Weekend, we’ve rebuilt the shoe with a fat tongue for extra slam dunk. Step into the future of no fuss comfort without sacrificing on old-school class.

Leather upper
Laceless shell-toe trainers
Moulded sockliner and leather lining

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